Pendula for Salesforce | Pendula | Configurable Conversations & Workflows Pendula for Salesforce | Pendula | Configurable Conversations & Workflows

The most configurable two-way communication solution native to Salesforce®

Combine the flexibility and workflow potential of Salesforce with the communication capability of Pendula. Inbound messages can trigger any business process that is configurable on the platform, based on any criteria. The result? With Salesforce, Pendula becomes your single source of truth for everything related to billing and communication.

Automated workflows & communications

Reducing complexity and leveraging Salesforce®

Creating automated communications and capturing inbound SMS with Salesforce is time-consuming and complex, requiring a high level of technical know-how and advance planning.

With Pendula’s clear and simple drag-and-drop interface you can manage scheduled or event-based communications from a single screen, while still leveraging the powerful data-management capabilities of Salesforce.

  • Communications can be based on any field change value or data residing in Salesforce.
  • Inbound messages are automatically matched to the customer record and can trigger contextual responses or automated actions.


Level up your investment in your data and your CRM

No longer will you be burdened with unaggregated data silos that make any analysis of customer communication data difficult and expensive

Pendula will sit inside of your Salesforce instance, meaning just one login gives you seamless access to both services.

Follow-up & redirect

Ensure your business-critical communications are delivered

Using marketing automation for financial and operational communications is not logical for your business. 30% engagement on a marketing campaign is a success; on an invoice run, it’s a disaster. With our automated follow-up and redirection functionality, our solution is focused on increasing read and action rates specifically for operational and financial communications, not marketing campaigns.

Pendula will automatically redirect to a higher read rate channel if it detects that your messages are not being read or if they bounce.

Contact detail cleansing

Keep your customer data squeaky clean

Pendula automatically cleanses contact information based on messages from your customers, which prevents failed communications and ensures your database stays up-to-date.

Pendula will pick up when an email hard-bounces, triggering a message to the customer by SMS requesting their correct email address. Upon response, Pendula can automate the process of updating this information in Salesforce.

Get Pendula on the AppExchange

Pendula is a certified OEM ISV partner and is available on the Salesforce® AppExchange.

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Pendula Console

Send & receive manually

The Pendula Console can sit on any object on Salesforce®. Harness the breadth and flexibility of Pendula in any Salesforce® configuration.

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