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Pendula’s mission is to transform the customer experience by changing the way businesses communicate with people.


Enterprise state of mind

How can your company compete with the new wave of global businesses? Up until now, enterprises had no way of interacting with customers in an integrated way. Even with the simplest model, most companies operate individual business units, including sales, product and finance, each with their own customer communication needs and varied technical solutions. These areas often operate with little visibility of the entire customer journey.

To solve this problem, many businesses come to rely on custom solutions requiring expensive implementation, and ongoing support from consultants or developers.

From complexity to clarity

Communication is fundamental to how we navigate the world around us. While creating meaningful interactions with customers has long been a challenge for large organisations, communicating effectively at scale doesn’t have to be this hard.

Pendula distills clarity from complexity in customer communication management. This is simplicity as a service – making customer-to-business interactions easy, in a way that redefines the relationship as a positive experience for both sides. We’re evolving the way you interact with your customers, not at them.

The 5:2 question

The key to providing a good customer experience is visibility. How can a business know what to do next for a customer if they can’t see what’s happened?

We provide companies with complete visibility across the entire customer journey, across business units and various sources of data. Uniting this view of customer interactions allows you to answer what we call the 5:2 question: pick one of your customers at random and ask: what last 5 messages did you send them, and what are the next 2 you will send?

Power to the (business) people

Our goal from day one has been to provide a solution that empowers your people to configure and track their own customer journeys, without reliance on developers or consultants. Pendula plugs directly into Salesforce and Zuora and you can get up and running virtually straight away. Talk directly to the source of truth in your business, provide context to conversations, and act on aggregated customer information across business units.

In a rapidly evolving market, customer expectations change. We want you to be able to change with them – with an agile, code-free solution to customer communication problems.