Our team of Pendulegends is expanding again! A huge welcome to some fresh faces that have joined us in the last few weeks.

Julian Scharf

Julian joins our engineering guns in Brisbane. Previously a software engineering consultant at ThoughtWorks, then a software engineer at a security-based startup, he’s always had a keen interest in building GUI-heavy applications.

He says, “After one week at Pendula, my new job nerves were gone. Two weeks in, and I was punching out features and collaborating happily. I don’t think I’ve ever hit the ground running so quickly in a new role before. Probably says a little about my growing professional experience, but I know a great deal of credit lies with the existing team and how well they work together. We seem to be striking a perfect balance of freedom and collaboration.

Our team is tight and close. We have one successful product in production with customers and most of our work is focused clearly on the horizons as we build out version two. Greenfield work is always fun and this is no exception.”

Rowan Train

Rowan joins our customer success team in Sydney. Rowan was in advertising for over 6 years as an Account Manager and then in technical support, and for the last 12 months he has been consulting in the Salesforce and Zuora ecosystems.

“It has been fantastic to join a team that is as driven and intelligent as this one. Everyone has an infectiously strong work ethic, and even better that they’re all mates. There is a great energy that surrounds the Pendula family and I’m looking forward to becoming a part of that. I am feeling very welcomed already and I am enjoying the broad set of challenges in my role.”

Simon Walsh

Simon is on the delivery team in Sydney and comes to us from a background in sales and implementation in the ed-tech industry, providing primary and secondary schools across Australia with online educational resources.

He says, “I love working with technology and helping customers get the most from it, so being part of the delivery team at Pendula is exciting. It is both a welcome change and a challenge for me.”

Want to join the ranks? Contact careers@pendula.com with your CV and why you’re our next superstar ????

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