We’re pleased to announce the latest major release of Pendula for Salesforce. In this release, we’ve said our final farewell to Zipline and our old brand, added a couple of neat features and improvements, and fixed the issues you’ve brought to our attention.

We will be upgrading all customers to v5.0, and will contact you to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted service. If you have questions please contact our Customer Success team they’ll be happy to help.

Version 5.0 release notes


  • Introduced OAuth support for Pendula v5.0.
  • Added permission sets for Pendula user types Communicator and Operator to managed package.
  • Upgrade of entire UI to the fresh new Pendula branding.
  • Introduced SMS and Email template preview using contact records, with word count for SMS template screen, and GSM character validation.
  • Introduced test sending for templates to contact records from the preview screen.
  • Introduced dynamic templating options using custom merge fields.


  • Revised Visual Force Flow page layouts to be specific for Event flow or Scheduled flow.
  • Updated tooltip message for Delivery Message on Transaction Communication.
  • Cleaned up remaining legacy fields on Template object.
  • Added a small UI update to selected recipients preview that indicated when 0 contacts are selected from criteria.
  • Added ability to select null as a field value in the criteria builder.
  • Extended Contact Matching to support Contacts, Users and Leads.
  • Made Related Object a required field on the template setup window.
  • Allowed One-on-One Communications to create a Contact Matching record and associate it.
  • Validation added to datetime field on criteria builder.
  • Validation added to Save Draft for communication schedules before saving.


  • Fixed a major bug that prevented uploading common attachments, introduced by some browsers such as Chrome and Firefox with new security updates. Upgrading to v5.0 fixes this issue.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Send now’ button for Scheduled flow wouldn’t send if an end date was specified first in the Repeating tab.
  • Fixed the primary channel layering icons bug in the flow builder.
  • Fixed a bug in the Pendula Console where certain keys pressed in Firefox caused the Console to shrink.
  • Fixed a bug where the Insert merge field button was non-responsive on SMS template editor page.
  • Fixed a bug where schedule status did not say Completed once the final communication had been sent by a flow.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the Console to error if over 1000 messages existed for a contact, resulting in hitting Salesforce collection size limits.
  • Fixed the bug on template creation that meant the user had to ‘double save’.
  • Fixed a bug where Cycle End Date field was sometimes not being recognised in the scheduler.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Apex errors when creating certain formulas for Event flows.

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